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2009 The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

MFA, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL


2019 Anna Kunz, New Work, Galleri Urbane, Dallas + Marfa, TX

2018 Color Cast, The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2017 HEROES FOR GHOSTS, Galleri Urbane, Dallas + Marfa, TX

2017 Physical Sunshine, The Riverside Art Center, Riverside, IL

2017 Venus, Providence College Galleries, Providence, RI, curated by Jamilee Lacy

2017 Color Scores, The University Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2017 Yellow Pinto, McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014 Paintings for other Places, 737 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

2010 Eidolon, Commissioned Courtyard Installation, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, IL

2009 Do I make you Happy, Installation at Robin Richman, Chicago, IL

2008 New Paintings, Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2007 Illinois State University Gallery, Normal, IL

2006 Eastern Illinois University, Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, IL

2005 Dayfield, Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL

2002 Pink, Green, Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, TX

2001 Painting Lounge, Special Project for the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL

2000 Paintings, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2000 Feelie, Northwestern University, Dittmar Memorial Gallery, Evanston, IL


2019 All Well and Good, with Ad Minoliti, Andrew Masullo, Anna Kunz, David Krueger, Hubert Posey, Lindsey Whittle, Maria Vanik, Robert Chase Heishman, and Susan Pasowicz, Circle Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, IL

2019 Inquiry into Abstraction, with Liz Ainslie, Natessa Amin, Lee Arnold, David Aylsworth, Rachel Beach, Nadine Beauharnois, Mark Brosseau, Martha Clippinger, Mark Joshua Epstein, Rubens Ghenov, Clare Grill, Anna Kunz, Meg Lipke, Lucy Mink, Nicholas Nyland, Alex Paik, Emil Robinson, Caroline Santa, Anne Seidman, and Kirk Stoller, DAAP Galleries, University of Cincinnati, OH

2019 Fresh Paint, The Golden Family Foundation, New Berlin, NY

2018 Hover, Vibrate, Swell, Reverse, TSA LA, curated by Claudine Isé, including works by Lecia Dole-Recio, Yunhee Min, Josue Pellot, and Michelle Wasson, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Tetrachromat Seeing Color Differently, Metropolitan Capital Bank, Chicago, IL

2017 Invisible. Visible, Divisible, Co-Prosperity Sphere, curated by Tom Tourlemke, Chicago, IL

2017 Echo Spectrum, curated by Kirk Stoller and Mel Prest, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Negative Hallucinations, a project of Philip von Zweck, Pilot Projects, Philadelphia, PA

2017 Paintings, Process, Material, Texture, Galleri Urbane, Dallas + Marfa, TX

2017 C2C Project Space, with Christopher K Ho and Drew Bennett, San Francisco, CA

2016 Expo Chicago, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016 Chicago Artist Coalition, The Annual, curated by Edra Soto, Chicago, IL

2016 So Much Land: McCormick Gallery, curated by Jessica Cochran, Chicago, IL

2016 Known Unknowns, Cleve Carney Gallery, College of Dupage, IL

2016 SYNAPSE, curated by Meg Duguid, Columbia College Chicago, IL

2016 Heart of the Matter: The Donnelley Foundation curatorial residency, Group Exhibition: Josue Pellot Jovencio De La Paz, Anna Kunz, Laura Davis, Howard Fonda, Chicago, IL

2016 who cares for the sky: SABINA OTT, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2015 Formal Loose, curated by Jennifer Murray with Samantha Bittman, Loyola University Gallery, Chicago, IL

2015 Complimentary Width, with Anna Kunz, Jose Lerma, Josue Pellot, The Franklin, Chicago, IL

2014 JUST MAD Fair, TSA GALLERY, Madrid, Spain

2014 Verge, Curated by Mie Olise with Katherine Bradford, Amy Feldman, Emily Lambert, Florian Meisenberg and Jason Stopa, Munch Gallery, NYC, NY

2014 I Listen To Color, Frank Juarez Gallery, Sheboygan, WI

2014 Starwalker with Terrain Projects, Three Walls, Chicago, IL

2013 Flatfile, TSA Gallery Brooklyn, NY

2013 Storefront, Justin Witte, curator, Chicago, IL

2013 Ornament: Sabina Ott, Michelle Grabner, Michelle Wasson, Matthew Girson, Anna Kunz, Phyllis Bramson, Riverside Art Center, Riverside, IL

2013 EXPO/CHICAGO, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL

2013 Angular Seduction, curated by Vincent Como, TSA Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2013 Honk if You Love Painting, Terrain Exhibitions, Oak Park, IL

2012 EXPO/CHICAGO Artadia Finalist Exhibition, curated by Steven Bridges, Chicago, IL

2012 Bushwick Blackout, curated by Rachael Fainter, The Shirey Project, Brooklyn NY

2012 Thomas Nozkowski, Michelle Wasson, Michelle Bollinger and Anna Kunz, Sonnenschein Gallery, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

2012 AREA, Chicago Artists Month at Hairpin Arts Center, Logan Square, Chicago

2012 Spectral Landscape, curated by Pamela Fraser and John Neff, UIC Gallery 400

2011-2012 Luminae: Anna Kunz, Louise Fishman, Alexandra Phillips, White BOX, NYC

2011 Small Abstraction Invitational: William Conger, David X Levine, Anna Kunz, Mikes Museum, Salem, MA

2011 Deck the Walls, Sardine, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Color: Fully Engaged, Columbia College Chicago A+D Gallery, Chicago, IL

2011 Ai Wei Wei Auction, White Box, NY

2010 The Marie Walsh Studios Open, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Quarterly Project- REGISTERS, Gallery LVL3, Chicago, IL

2010 I Know What You Did Last Summer, St. Cecilia’s Convent, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Collage From Then to Now, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010 Bad At Sports, Apex Art, New York City, NY

2010 Portable Caves, HJBK Space, Brooklyn, NY

2009 Industry of the Ordinary, 39 VERBS, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009 _________place, Columbia College Chicago Annual Faculty Exhibition, Chicago, IL

2009 Mike Lash and Friends, Lyons Weir Ott Gallery, New York City, NY

2009 The Bad Art Show, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

2009 Big Show, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

2009 The New York International Print Show, Riverhouse/Van Straaten Gallery, Park Avenue Armory, New York City, NY

2009 This is not a print show, Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009 Infrastructure, ZG Gallery, Chicago, IL

2008 Not Just Another Pretty Face, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2008 Summer Mix, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale Heights, MI

2008 Echo: collaboration with Eli Robb, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

2008 Thinking in Color: Pamela Fraser, Suzanne Silver, Anna Kunz, Melissa Oresky, John Parot, David X. Levine, curated by Judy Ledgerwood, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI

2008 Tory Folliard Gallery, 20th Anniversary Show, Milwaukee, WI

2007 inland see, traveling exhibition curated by James Yood, Kalamazoo, MI

2007 Paper Now, curated by Chris Kahler, I Space, Chicago, IL

2006 Takeover, Opening exhibition for the New Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2005 Into the Woods, curated by Jessica Moss and Mary Beyer

2004 Think small, curated by Robert Sill, The Illinois State Museum, IL

2004 DRAWN, leadbased, Brooklyn, NY

2004 Thomas McCormick Gallery, Art Chicago, IL

2004 Remarkable Women, Peltz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, March 2004

2004 Being; Beyond, MN Gallery, Chicago, IL

2003 Not Just Another Pretty Face, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2003 Color Bias, ZG Gallery, Chicago, IL

2003 The Big Picture Show, Betty Rymer Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2003 Color Abstractions: Doug Holtz, Jason Rolf, Ariana Huggett, Anna Kunz, Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2003 Pac, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003 San Francisco International Art Fair, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

2003 Art Chicago: Navy Pier: Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2003 Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio, TX

2003 Riverhouse Editions, Clark, CO

2003 The Summer Drawing Show, Mixture Contemporary Art Gallery, Houston, TX

2002 FFWD: Miami, (Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio TX), Miami, FL

2002 Paper Products, Evanston Art Center, curated by Dan Devening, Evanston, IL

2002 Transcultural Visions, National Museum of Sczecin, Szczecin, Poland

2001 College Proofs, The Block Museum, Evanston, IL

2001 San Francisco International Art Exhibition, Fort Mason Center, CA

2001 LOOK; Paint, Spaces, Cleveland, OH

2001 Almost Giddy, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

2001 New Abstraction in the New Century, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI

2001 Prints, Untitled Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

2001 Prints and Plants, A Human/Nature Production, Morgan Gallery,  Kansas City, MO

2001 Serendipity, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2001 Special Project Space, Art Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

2001 Art Chicago 2001, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL

2001 Artist/Alumni, The Block Museum, Evanston, IL

2001 LOOK PAINT; Gundersdorf, Kunz, Scott, Reitmeier, Murphy, Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

2000 RED, Dittmar Gallery, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

2000 Art Basel, Riverhouse Editions, Basel, Switzerland

2000 Three Chicagoans, Alyia Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2000 Union League Civic and Arts Foundation, Chicago, IL


2019 Emmanuel Pratt and the Sweetwater Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, IL

2012 The Industry of the Ordinary, Collaboration with Paige Caldarella, The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

2012 The Seldoms, Décor for Premier, Exit Disclaimer; Science and Fiction Ahead, by Carrie Hanson, The Dance Center, Columbia College, Chicago, IL

2012 Publishing new monotypes: Oehme Graphics, Steamboat Springs, CO

2011-2012 Work on Paper, Chicago, IL

2009 Event-Décor in collaboration with Merce Cunningham Dance Company, New York City, NY, Chicago, IL

2009 Décor “In the Mirror Room”, Paige Cunningham, Choreographer, Chicago, IL


2012 Curator, HATCH GALLERY PROJECTS, Chicago Artist Coalition

2011 Kunz, Vis Projects: Poets, Chuck Webster and Ida Kvetny

2011 NATURE, Unframed: Art at the Arboretum, Site-responsive, International, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

2010 “Indestructible Youth” Kunz, Vis, Gonzalez, Chicago, IL, Artists: Erol Harris, Elena Ballara, Scott Frigo, Peter Clodfelter, Tommy Tunks, Racer LeVan, Ryken Bailey and others

2010 “Angels”, Kunz, Vis, Gonzalez, Chicago, IL, June 2010, Artists: Christopher Cosnowski, Andrew Falkowski, Aukje Koks, Matthew Metzger, Lester Monzon, Craig Yu and Essayist: Debra Riley Parr

2009 “Abnormal Formal”, Kunz, Vis, Gonzalez, Chicago, IL, October 2009: David X. Levine, Pamela Fraser, Amy Feldman, Ivan Brunetti, Martina Nehrling, Rick Therrio, Racer LeVan, Emre Kocagil

2001 “Serendipity” Thomas McCormick Gallery, Summer 2001 Judy Ledgerwood, Fandra Chang, Portia Hein, Pamela Fraser, Shirley Tse, Sue Scott, Francesca Pastine and emerging Chicago painters.


2009 Chicago Public Libraries, Logan Square Branch Commission

2006 The Association House of Chicago Children and LISTO Teen Group in Collaboration with Anna Kunz

2005 Author: The Glimmer Project: Second Graders and Abstraction, The University of Chicago Lab School

2004 Lycee Francais, Chicago, IL Color Workshop, Visiting Artist


The College Art Association, February 2016, Panelist: DIY: THE MPA IS NOT THE TERRAIN with Mel Potter, Other featured speakers now include David Terry, New York Foundation for the Arts; Rhys Himsworth, VCU Qatar; and Margaret Leininger, University of Louisville.

The College Art Association, February 2013, Chair, Panel: Painting: the Elastic Frontier with Sabina Ott, Gelah Penn, Stephen Maine, Dan Levenson, Jose Lerma, Nicole Awai, Jonathan Miller, Danielle Tededger, Anna Kunz

MACAA, Detroit 2012 Panelist, Chair, Marlene Lipinski, The Dynamic and Multi- dimensional Process of Foundation, Wayne State University hosted by FATE


Member, College Art Association

Member, Midwestern College Art Association

Advisor, The Chicago Artist Coalition, Curatorial Committee

Former Advisor, threewalls Chicago, Curatorial Committee

DEPS, Columbia College Chicago, Exhibition Review Committee


2018 Golden Family Foundation Residency, New Berlin, New York

2014 Edward Albee Foundation Artist Residency


2010-2011 The Space Program Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, NY, New York

2009 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

2001 Roger Brown Artist Residency, New Buffalo, MI

2000 Union League Civic and Arts Foundation, Chicago, IL

2000 Northwestern University, Teaching Assistantship, Evanston, IL


2017 Three Arts Award, Chicago, IL

2012 Artadia Fund for Art and Dialog, Chicago, IL

2011 The Rema Hort Mann Foundation Individual Artists Award, NYC

2010 Teaching Excellence Award, Center for Teaching Excellence, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL

2008 Driehaus Foundation Artists Award

2008 Young Artists Award/Midwest, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.

2007 The Louis Comfort Tiffany Award

2003 The Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Program


2011 Curatorial Committee, Chicago Artists Coalition, Juror, BOLT Residency Program

2010-2012 Committee: Three Walls Exhibition Space, Seasons for SOLO Exhibitions

1999-2001 The National Foundation of Advancement in the Arts, Presidential Scholarship Award, Miami, FL


2001 Artists Assistant, John Hogan, NYC for Sol LeWitt-various projects and installation, Rhona Hoffman Gallery Exhibition, Chicago, IL


2016-Present Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago, Director

2009-2012 Kunz, Vis Projects-Pure Platform; International Experimental Exhibition Space in a Garage in Chicago run by Niels Vis, of Amsterdam and Anna Kunz. Space shows work of artists from all communities at all career levels, national and international. Also highlighting emerging undergraduate work. Exhibitions travel quarterly, and as budget allows.


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Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago, IL

Sophy Hotel, Chicago, IL

JAHN Architecture Studio, Washington DC

The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, Logan Square Library Branch, Chicago, IL

The Prudential Building, Chicago, IL

The Philadelphia Museum, Philadelphia, PA

The Block Museum, Chicago, IL

Fidelity Investments, Chicago, IL

Aaron Corporation

R.R. Donnelly, Chicago, IL


Progressive Corporation

Capitol One

Turner Broadcasting Company

Colonel Eugene Myers

University of North Dakota

Columbia University Teacher’s College, NYC, NY

Prudential Building of Chicago, Chicago, IL

St. Salvador’s College, Scotland

West Virginia University

The Graduate School, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Duchiosse Corporation, Chicago, IL

Toyota Corporation, Dallas, TX

Numerous local, national and international private collections